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Job Duties

If you're considering a career in this field, you have many options. Greenhouse workers care for and grow plants in a greenhouse so that they can later be planted. They nurture the seeds for the plants they want to grow and care for the seeds until they're ready to be put into the ground. This job will allow you to learn about many different types of plants and will give you the freedom to experiment with different growing techniques.

Landscape laborers are required to install the plants and trees into the ground. They usually follow a predetermined plan for planting a garden. Landscape laborers are expected to safely transport plants from the greenhouse and install them, then care for them and make sure they are healthy and attractive. They need to have an eye for which flowers and plants look best where, but they also must have knowledge about the conditions under which different plants thrive. Landscape laborers may do their work for private residences and corporate buildings, on estates, and in cities and parks.

Lawn service workers care for lawns. They may be responsible for cleaning up the lawn of a private residence or a commercial area, such as a mall. They mow lawns, trim shrubbery, inspect the lawns for problems, and make sure lawns are growing well.

Gardening is an art in itself; many gardeners look at the soil as an artist would see a blank canvas. Much planning and preparation is needed, and the best gardeners are the most experienced.

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