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Burby, Liza N. A Day in the Life of a Sculptor. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 1999.
This book shows how a sculpture is made by showing the steps the artist takes to build a metal seahorse.

Erdmann, Dottie. Hands on Sculpting. San Diego: Columbine Communications and Publications, 1992.
If you are learning to sculpt, check out this book to learn more about sculpting techniques, materials, and projects. Many pictures and instructions make this book ideal for beginners.

LaFosse, Michael. Paper Art: The Art of Sculpting with Paper. Gloucester, MA: Rockport Publishers, 1998.
Learn a new kind of sculpture: paper art! This book introduces the reader to many different uses for paper in sculpture, including paper folding and papier-mâché.

Nigrosh, Leon I, Sculpting Clay. Worcester, MA: Davis Publications, Incorporated, 1991.
Learn more about sculpting with clay with this instructional book. Pictures and explanations will help you learn how to make clay figures.

Pekarik, Andrew. Sculpture. New York: Hyperion Books for Children, 1992.
This guide to sculpting is easy to read and explains the basics of sculpting concepts.

Plowman, John. Start Sculpting. Edison, NJ: Book Sales, Incorporated, 1995.
This book provides instructions for twenty sculpting projects that use easy-to-find materials. For those wanting to jump right into a sculpting project, this book will be useful.

Rich, Jack C. Materials & Methods of Sculpture. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Incorporated, 1998.
This manual provides clear and concise information on sculpting with many different kinds of materials.


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This magazine focuses on the art of sculpting, bringing you all different kinds of information about sculpture.


I'm All Clay, You're All Clay
This video caters to beginners who want to learn pottery. It covers all the essentials you will need to begin your fun with clay.

Sculpture Classroom (1990)
In this video, Arlene Siegal instructs both beginners and the advanced on how to sculpt.

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