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American Water Works Association
1401 New York Avenue NW, Suite 640
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 628-8303
Web site: http://www.awwa.org
The AWWA is an international, nonprofit organization whose goal is to use its research to promote healthy and plentiful drinking water.

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
20001 E. Walnut Drive South
Walnut, CA 91789-2825
(909) 595-8449
e-mail: iapmo@iapmo.org
Web site: http://www.iapmo.org
IAPMO is an organization that sets codes to provide the safest and most efficient methods of installing plumbing.

The Plumbing Foundation City of New York, Inc.
44 West 28th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 481-9740
Web site: http://www.plumbingfoundation.org
The Plumbing Foundation City of New York is a nonprofit association whose mission is to ensure public health through the enactment and enforcement of safe plumbing codes.


Find Plumbing
This professional plumbing Web site contains information to answer any questions you may have about plumbing.

This site houses a wealth of information about plumbing, including links to Web sites, organizations, and publications.

This section of the Roto-Rooter Web site contains fun trivia, games, contests, and a history of plumbing.

This Web site is devoted to helping both the professional plumber and the novice learn more about plumbing. The site contains articles about plumbing, information on the history of plumbing, and links to other helpful sites.


Black & Decker. The Complete Guide to Home Plumbing. Minnetonka, MN: Creative Publishing International, 1998.
This book provides all the information you need to complete your own home-plumbing installations and repairs, including how-to information for all plumbing projects.

Boraas, Tracy. Plumbers. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press, 1998.
Plumbers is an introduction to the plumbing career. It explains the duties of plumbers, as well as their importance in every community.

Hamilton, Katie, and Gene Hamilton. Plumbing for Dummies.
Indianapolis, IN: I D G Books Worldwide, 1999.
Beginners will find this book especially helpful because it provides an introduction to plumbing for those who are just starting out. It also contains step-by-step instructions for common repairs.

Massey, Howard C. Plumber's Handbook. Carlsbad, CA: Craftsman Book Company, 1998.
To learn more about the plumbing code, as well as important plumbing specifications and standards, look to this book. It provides all the essential information that plumbers need to know.

Rudman, Jack. Plumber's Helper. Syosset, NY: National Learning Corporation, 1994.
If you're in need of a guide to help you learn more about plumbing, look no further. This test preparation guide will provide all you need to know.

Woodson, Dodge R. International and Uniform Plumbing Codes Handbook. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group, 2000.
This easy-to-understand guide will help you learn all you need to know about the plumbing code. It includes tips on safety, troubleshooting, and code requirements.

Yardley, Thompson. Down the Drain: Explore Your Plumbing.
Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press, Inc., 1994.
This book discusses the basics of home plumbing and includes information about the water supply.


Drinking Water & Backflow Prevention
P.O. Box 33209
Northglenn, CO 80234-3339
(888) FOR-DWBP (367-3927)
Web site: http://www.dwbp-online.com
Drinking Water & Backflow Prevention magazine is dedicated to educating the public about possible hazards associated with the water supply.

Plumbing and Mechanical
3150 River Road, Suite 101
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Web site: http://www.pmmag.com
This magazine provides information on plumbing, including product reviews, plumbing news, and current plumbing concerns.


Made Easy: Plumbing (1986)
This video provides instructions on performing your own plumbing repairs.

Plumbing (2000)
This two-part instructional video won the Home Improvement Video of the Year award by the Librarian video Review.

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