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Job Duties

The daily duties of plumbers vary. Some days they install sinks in people's homes. Other days they are called to install pipes in a bathroom or kitchen. And sometimes they even get the chance to install new hot water and steam boilers, which are required to maintain heat in a house.

Plumbers mainly work with the pipes that carry water into and waste out of the home. They may have to cut into walls in order to gain access to the plumbing system and repair or perform maintenance. They also have to cut pipes and join them back together using clamps, screws, bolts, cement, or solder.

Organizational skills are very important to a plumber. Plumbing systems need to be orderly so that the next person who works on the system can easily understand how it was put together. Of course, maintenance is also a big part of the plumber's job.

Whenever a new home or building is erected, plumbers are called in to install the plumbing fixtures and systems. If a kitchen is being built, a plumber will install the sink. If a bathroom is being built, the plumber will install the sink and shower. Wherever there is a need for water in a home, a plumber is the person to turn to for help.

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