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Education And Training

Although a good creative eye is important in photography, so are many other skills. You need to know how to operate a professional-quality camera. You have to know all about apertures, film speeds, lenses, and lighting. You need to know about the entire photographic process, from positioning of the camera before the shot is taken to framing the finished product or selling the image to a buyer.

You can learn many of these skills in a photography class. Look for classes offered at your high school or local community college. Another way to learn is by just shooting pictures. Get a camera and go outside and shoot. See what it takes to get close enough to a bird to take its picture. Practice your angles. Take pictures of your pets. You won't believe how hard it is to make a pet look interesting in a photograph.

In addition to basic photography skills, you should also be good with animals. If you know what kinds of animals you want to specialize in, you should learn everything you can about them. If you want to shoot dogs, for instance, read up on different breeds, what they are meant to look like, and their habits. When it comes time to shoot, you'll know how to get just the right image to impress the owner or whomever you want to sell the picture to.

Most professional photographers get started by working at a newspaper or as an assistant to someone who is already established in the field. When you're ready to work, see if you can land a position at your local paper. Even if you don't shoot animals, the experience will set you up nicely for the future.

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