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Education And Training

You can start preparing for a career as a veterinary technician right now while you're still in junior high school. Work hard in your science, math, and computer courses, and, once you start high school, try to take as many biology and animal science courses as you can.

Many states require veterinary technicians to graduate from a special two-year training program approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The certification programs, which are offered throughout the country, teach future vet techs about animal care, nutrition, and anatomy and physiology. They include challenging courses in math, chemistry, biology, and other subjects. They also teach practical vet-tech skills like how to use medical instruments, how to administer anesthesia, and how to assist a veterinarian during surgery. They use real live animals, so students get hands-on experience. During high school, try to get experience working with animals by volunteering at a local vet hospital or even a kennel or an animal shelter. Then, when you graduate with your diploma, you'll be qualified to enroll in a vet-tech program.

When you finish the vet-tech program, you'll be eligible to take the state veterinary technician exam in whatever state you want to work. In many states you must pass this exam to set a job.

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