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Medical Practice

Teaching And Research

It is obligatory for physicians to share their knowledge with colleagues, medical students, and members of the allied professions. Advances in medical knowledge depend on acquiring new information from various types of research, both basic and clinical. Publicizing this information can bring about improved medical care. Where appropriate, physicians should encourage participation in ethical clinical investigations.

Examples of preventive health measures include immunization for a variety of childhood diseases, mammography and Pap smears for women to screen for breast and uterine cancer, colonoscopy and PSA testing (for men) to screen for colon cancer and prostate cancer, and influenza immunization for all patients over 50 as well as those patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Such an approach can be most beneficial to long-term health, however, many private health insurers are not yet promoting this approach to health care, in spite of its undeniable benefits.

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