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Preparing for College

Evaluating A College

It is essential to get as detailed an assessment as possible of any prospective institution you are seriously considering attending. To do this is a comprehensive matter. It is important to obtain data from reliable sources (such as upper-level students) and record your information for comparative purposes on a chart such as the one shown in Form 2.1. A separate copy of this form should be prepared for each college.

Bottom Line

  • • Since you will have to spend four years attending college, you should seek an institution (a) where you will feel comfortable, (b) that you can afford, and (c) whose program can help you succeed in your future career.
  • • Prioritize the factors you identified by an asterisk and then compare evaluations from several schools to facilitate finalizing your decision.
  • • Colleges vary as to the level of high school performance and SAT scores applicants need in order to be seriously considered for acceptance.
  • • Colleges vary in their reaction to initial academic weakness and subsequent improvement in one's performance as time goes on. Some favor consistent performers, while others will acknowledge the determination of students who come from behind.
  • • During an interview, if granted, seek to determine the school's admissions policy in regard to issues that concern you.

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