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How to Do Your Homework

Research Yourself

In addition to researching your employers, remember to Google yourself before the interview. Be prepared to deal with any questionable, inappropriate, or scandalous entries linked to your name; if necessary, contact Internet providers and ask them to remove your name and/or likeness from their Websites. Make sure any personal Websites, blogs, or photographs therein look professional. Finally, if you cannot delete damaging information, be prepared to address it during your interview and explain why you still deserve an offer.

Educating yourself about practice areas and the interviewer's background will take some time and research. Although you do not have to memorize clients’ names or newsworthy cases by heart, it is important to understand what type of work is done in the office where you are applying, and what your interviewer does. Consult various sources of information before your interview, research the interviewers’ bios and the employer's Website, and anticipate questions.


  • • Research the employer, the interviewer, and information about yourself on the Web.
  • • Know at least the basics about your interviewer's background, be aware of the firm's practice areas, and know what the attorneys at a particular office do.
  • • Do not be indecisive when asked about what you want to do.
  • • Pick several similar areas of interest and be prepared to explain why you are interested in them.
  • • Do not overemphasize your interest in a practice area in which your potential employer may lack expertise.
  • • Research your interviewers’ bios and mention relevant facts during your interviews.
  • • Brush up on current events, sports, and politics.

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