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Simple Truths About Following Up to Close the Deal

Simple Truth #4: What Goes Around Really Does Come Around

Maintain your enthusiastic attitude and professional, gracious demeanor in absolutely all communications, written or verbal, with the representatives of the target employer. It's impossible to predict when you might encounter the same interviewer in completely different circumstances, when parting on a pleasant note might make a tremendous difference in how things proceed. In this age of Internet networking (using FaceBook, MySpace, and so on), it's also quite possible that your interviewer may be acquainted with others who have influence over your future job prospects. Behaving in a professional, cordial manner pays dividends well into future years. There's also a possibility that the other candidate who was hired for your target position might not work out and the position may be open again six months (or even as soon as six weeks) down the road, in which case you'll want the interviewer(s) to remember you favorably.

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