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Simple Truths About Routine Interview Questions

Understanding The Interviewer's Motives

No matter what words come out of an interviewer's mouth in the form of a question, what he or she is really asking is, “How will your background, experience, and personality contribute to the success of our organization?” Some interviewers may even explicitly ask that question at some point in the interview. However, in most cases, you will be asked any number of questions that probe your knowledge, your work experience, and your interpersonal skills in ways that the interviewer hopes will allow him or her to gauge your potential for success in the new position, as well as your ability to mesh or fit in with that company's culture. If you are aware of the interviewer's underlying motives, you can be better equipped to respond in ways that will provide the information needed for him or her to recognize you as a strong candidate with the right skills and personality to be a genuine asset to the company.

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