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Resumes for Technology, Science, and Engineering Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Technology, Science, And Engineering Resumes

Each and every industry and profession presents unique resume writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in technology, science, or engineering, be certain to incorporate these important success factors:

Success Factor #1

Technology, science, and engineering careers all require knowledge of technical equipment, computer systems, and software. Be comprehensive in including all of your technical knowledge (for example, scientific/laboratory equipment, computer software and hardware, operating systems, and networks).

Success Factor #2

Document any research papers, studies, or patents in which you have participated. In addition, be sure to incorporate any results or outcomes of those projects that added value to your organization.

Success Factor #3

Highlight projects on which you have worked and discuss how your participation contributed to the success of those projects (for example, under budget, ahead of schedule, exceeded customer expectations, or upgraded organizational capabilities).

Success Factor #4

Showcase all of your extra professional activities which may include public speaking, professional affiliations, publications, teaching/training, and more.

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