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Resumes for Skilled Trades Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Skilled Trades Resumes

Each and every industry and profession presents unique resume writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades, be certain to incorporate these important success factors:

Success Factor #1

In the “Training & Education” section of your resume, be sure to include information about your apprenticeships—both classroom and hands-on experiences—and highlight any additional certifications or licenses you have earned, such as welding and HVAC.

Success Factor #2

Show your range of experience. For example: framing, roofing, finish cabinet work (carpenter); 120-volts, 480-volts, network cabling (electrician); pneumatics, hydraulics, high-pressure lines (plumber).

Success Factor #3

Remember to mention special skills that set you apart (for example, conduit bending, fiber optic installation, EDM processes, and compound and progressive die building and repair).

Success Factor #4

Highlight your familiarity with the latest technology. Do you use CAD/CAM software, CNC programming, or other technology tools and aids?

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