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Resumes for Manufacturing and Operations Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Manufacturing And Operations Resumes

Each and every industry and profession presents unique resume writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing or operations, be certain to incorporate these important success factors:

Success Factor #1

Highlight your experience and training in principles and methods such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Just-In-Time inventory, TQM, SAP, and ISO standards.

Success Factor #2

Showcase information about your contributions to process improvements, scrap reduction, or other innovations that increase operating efficiency or reduce production costs. Use dollar figures or percentages whenever possible to quantify results.

Success Factor #3

Demonstrate the diversity of your skillset by mentioning the various operations / processes with which you have experience (for example, cell manufacturing, assembly line, fabrication, stamping/molding, or clean-room operations).

Success Factor #4

Include statistics about quality and customer interactions. As domestic manufacturers compete in the global market, delivering defect-free products and being attentive to customers are critical.

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