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Resumes for Hospitality and Food Service Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Hospitality And Food Service Resumes

Each and every industry and profession presents unique resume writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a hotel or food service career, be certain to incorporate these important success factors:

Success Factor #1

If you're in food service, mention the types of cuisine with which you have become familiar. Was the restaurant a four-star establishment? Likewise, what kind of guests does your hotel cater to and what types of facilities do you have (for example, spa, golf course, tennis club)?

Success Factor #2

Do you plan, prepare food, or set up for banquets or large-scale receptions and parties? How many people attend these events? As you well know, a banquet for 500 people is much different logistically from day-to-day dinner or lunch in a medium-sized restaurant.

Success Factor #3

If you have studied or worked under a famous chef or at a renowned restaurant, hotel, or resort, be sure to mention it prominently, including documenting any particular training that was involved.

Success Factor #4

Include any administrative functions for which you have been responsible, such as purchasing, inventory control, and managing food costs. As a hotel manager, is there a sales component to your job such as calling on corporate accounts or networking with tourism industry professionals? Don't forget to include these important roles and the contribution they represent to your employer's success.

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