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Resumes for Government Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Government Resumes

Keywords and keyword phrases are a critical component of every successful job seeker's resume. By using just one or two words, you're able to communicate a wealth of information about your skills, qualifications, and experience. What's more, keywords are the basis for resume-scanning technology and are therefore critical to any job seeker's campaign in today's electronic-based job search market. For more information on keywords, refer back to pages __ to __ in Chapter 1.

Following are the top 20 government keywords, some of which may reflect your skills and some of which may not be appropriate for you at this time. Use these words as the foundation for developing your own list of keywords on the Professional Keyword List form in Appendix B.

Briefings & Trainings

Budget Planning & Allocation

Congressional Affairs

Cross-Cultural Communications

Cultural Diversity

Foreign Government Relations

Governmental Affairs

Inter-Agency Relations

International Trade & Commerce

Legislative Affairs

Liaison Affairs


Press Relations & Media Affairs

Procurement & Acquisitions

Program Design & Management

Public Advocacy

Public Works

Regulatory Reporting

SEC Affairs

Zoning & Compliance

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