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I feel honored and privileged to have interviewed and heard the stories of the individuals profiled in this book: Arthur Anderson; Vic Armstrong; Joe Askin; Marc Ball; Carlos Barbosa; Gabe Bartalos; Charles Thomas Baxter; Alan C. Blomquist; Donna E. Bloom; Jim Borgardt; Julie Butchco; Russell Caldwell; Dwight Campbell; A. Anthony Cappello; Jeff Charbonneau; Todd Cherniawsky; Tim Clawson; Tim Cooney; Richard Crudo; Mel Damski; Allen Daviau; Laura J. DeRosa; Steve Dorff; Gary Duncan; Peter Dunne; Diana Eden; Andy Edmunds; David Emmerichs; Brian Erzen; Bob Foster; Jonathan Furie; Clarke Gallivan; Mike Gentile; Jim Gill; Peter Giuliano; Kim Golasheksy; Steven Goldmann; Anne Gordon; Anne Grace; Barklie Griggs; Steve Gums; Brian Hamill; Joe Hanna; Mike Harris; Duncan Henderson; Randy Himes; Susan Youngman Hoen; Todd Homme; Robert Hutchin; Jason Ivey; Patrick Read Johnson; Thomas Johnston; Bobby Jones; Jay Kemp; David Lazan; Neil A. Machlis; Al Magliochetti; Jeff Mann; Clark Mathis; Detdrick McClure; Katrine Migliore; Harry Monreau; Bob Munoz; Jeffrey A. Okun; Suzanne Patterson; Kim Petrosky; Kathie Pierson; Justin Raleigh; Jane Raimondi; Celest Ray; Michael Reynolds; Diana C. Richardson; Jeane Ringe; Duane Roberts; Ernest H. Roth; Steve Sacks; M. Edward Salier; Duke Sandefur; John Schwartzman; Russell Senato; Bill Shotland; Kevin Sorrensen; Cid L. Swank; Beth Szymkowski; Rex Teese; Eric Tignini; Rick Toone; Daniel Turrett; Mark Walpole; Stuart Wilson; and Steven J. Wright.

Thank you Art Ford, Richard J. Gelfand, Julie Houlihan, Will Jennings, Brian Loucks, Mary Jo Mennella, Kathleen Merrill, Jacquie Perryman, Mary Beth Phelps, Harry Stinson, and Vinny Tabone, who were interviewed, but due to time constraints and other technical issues their stories were not included. I am also grateful for the many others who agreed to be interviewed, but scheduling conflicts conspired to keep us apart. I hope there will be an opportunity in the future.

Special thanks to my new friends Charlie Baxter, Andy Edmunds, and Bob Foster, and long-time pals Gabe Bartalos and Al Megliochetti, for introducing me to some of your friends who are profiled in this book. A very, very special thanks to my dear friend Daniel Turrett, who went above and beyond to connect me with many, many of his friends—I cannot find strong enough words to express my gratitude.

Thank you to the young men and young women I have had the privilege of teaching and working with in Sunday school, Young Women, and Seminary, particularly: Ashley Brickle, Chesarae Collier, Deborah Collins, Kevin Collins, Katharine Dinwiddie, Devon Dixon, Diane Dixon, Eric Ellsworth, Carly Frazier, Rachel Frazier, Randi Harris, Scott Hotard, Steven Hotard, Wren Hunter, Hollie Johnson, Amy Linder, Sarah Linder, Mindy Nabrotzky, Ricky Parris, Brad Peterson, Kristin Peterson, Alexis Price, Keri Reed, Vickie Rosa, Mark Sanderson, Ashley Savarda, Rachel Settle, Todd Soderquist, Diana Stucki, Eric Thomas, Travis Thurman, Sierra Westfall, David Williamson, Diane Williamson, Kiel Wilson, Christie Winborn, Jessica Winborn. And to the missionaries currently serving whom I am so proud to know: Elder Scott Allen, Elder Scott Collins, Elder Chris Harris, Elder Jon Hekking, Elder Clint Proctor, and Elder Jesse Welsh. Thank you Susan and Jay Yates for your love and prayers.

Special thanks to my agent Diedre Knight of The Knight Agency, for your continued love, support, and prayers (I've said it before, but you are a gift from God and I treasure you in my life); to my wonderful editor at Barron's Educational Series, Wendy Sleppin, for her encouragement and enthusiasm; to Steve Matteo, Barron's publicity manager, for his energy and excitement, and to Lou Vasquez and Bill Kuchler for the beautiful design and layout of this book.

Thank you to my family for their continued love and support: Luana Peck, Jim and Linda Peck, Dustin, Stacy, and Braden Peck, Dennis and Carolyn Peck and family, Earlene Crouch, Jody and Stephen Williams, Rob and Georgia Crouch, Kevin, Danielle, Bryan, and Camille Crouch, Julie and David Ashby, Amanda, Michael, and Lindsey Ashby, and Delores Sanders. I could not have completed this book without my husband, best friend, and love, Kevin (The Kev), who is a gifted writer, editor, and cheerleader. Above all, I must acknowledge Jesus Christ for his example and love, and my Heavenly Father for his blessings and love.

This book is dedicated in loving memory of:

 Charles W. Peck, October 20, 1918-February 25, 1997


  Robert B. Crouch, July 23, 1925-April 14, 2002

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