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Job Title: Editor, Film Editor, Or Picture Editor, Job Title: Postproduction Facility Manager Or Director Of Postproduction

There is the story that the screenwriter wrote, the story that the director filmed, and the story that the editor assembled. Ideally, each is the same story.

Even before a production wraps, the editor is busy assembling the film footage into a rough version of the story known as an editor's cut. Working with the director, the editor refines the story through several stages until it is deemed ready to be shown to the producer or studio. Once approved, further changes may be necessary based upon screening audience reaction, before the final cut is made.

Those involved in the editorial process include:

  • • Editor
  • • First Assistant Editor
  • • Second Assistant Editor
  • • Apprentice Editor
  • • Negative Cutter
  • • Projectionist

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