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Job Title: Makeup Artist Or Special Effects Artist, Job Title: Makeup Artist, Hair And Wardrobe Sylist

The proper hairstyle, makeup, and costume help actors to establish their character. This is especially true in a historical setting, where the structure of an authentic period costume may determine how the actor walks, sits, and gestures, and a wig or hairstyle may determine his posture and carriage.

Actors of sufficient rank may request their own hairstylist, makeup artist, or costumer as part of the contract negotiation. On smaller projects, such as a commercial, video, or independent film, the duties of hairstylist and makeup artist are often combined. Epic productions may require teams of stylists and artists to cope with the large number of extras. Positions generally include:


  • • Key Makeup Artist (Head of the makeup department): design the makeup for each character in each scene and apply or oversee application of makeup on principle actors.
  • • Makeup Artist: do the actual work of applying makeup to the actors.
  • • Assistant Makeup Artist: perform lesser tasks, such as applying body makeup.
  • • Makeup Effects Artist: specializing in the design, fabrication, and application of special makeup effects, such as prosthetics and animatronics.
  • • Key Hairstylist (Head of the hair department): determine the hairstyle for each character in each scene and style or oversee hair work for principle actors.
  • • Hairstylist: do the actual work of coloring and/or styling the actors’ hair or wig.
  • • Assistant Hairstylist: perform lesser tasks, such as shampooing.


  • • Costume Designer: determine the costumes for each character in each scene.
  • • Wardrobe Supervisor: hire wardrobe staff and oversee realization of designer's vision; keep track of costumes on set; supervise the costumers; depending upon size of production, may also perform functions of the set costumer in maintaining continuity.
  • • Key Costumer: reports to wardrobe supervisor; care and maintenance of lead or principle actors’ wardrobe; oversee set costumers.
  • • Costumer or Set Costumer: maintain and care for costumes on set; help actors dress.
  • • Wardrobe Production Assistant: an entry-level position; duties vary, from running errands to assisting extras with costumes.

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