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If you've ever won the prize for selling the most raffle tickets at school, if you've persuaded others to sponsor you in a charity race, if you've managed to sell your old toys at a garage sale successfully, or if you get along well with others, you might consider a career in sales. In sales, the proven ability to sell things is more important than a college degree. The field is always open to enthusiastic people. Manufacturers and businesses need people to sell products or services as much as they need people to create those products and services.

Going into sales doesn't necessarily mean that you will spend your career standing behind a counter in a retail store at the mall. Most career salespeople started out at the bottom, learning the business from the ground up, but they went on to become supervisors, managers, and storeowners. Some selling careers involve a lot of travel, and some let you be your own boss.

This book describes sales jobs in many different fields and gives you resources where you can get more information if you're interested in pursuing any of the careers. One great thing about a career in sales: You don't need to wait until you graduate to get started. You can go out now and get a part-time sales job after school or on weekends. When you're ready for full-time work, you'll have some experience and contacts under your belt that will make you an attractive candidate for any employe

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