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ICE-CREAM MAKER - Job Description, Education And Training, Salary, The History Of Ice Cream, For More Information - Outlook

american twenty

Almost everybody loves ice cream. Have you ever thought of using it to launch a career? Read on for information about starting your own ice-cream business. Just remember not to eat all of your merchandise!


The average American eats approximately twenty-three quarts of ice cream each year, and 98 percent of all households purchase it. That's a huge market. To make money in this line of work, you don't need to supply every American with their annual twenty-three quarts—one or two spread out over many customers in your city or community could be enough to make a living.

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almost 6 years ago

Information shared on ice cream makers is good and interesting. It also has details of job opportunities, salary, and training.. The most interesting is the article about the history of ice cream and ice cream makers. About machines and factories also was informative. Thank you for posting.

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almost 8 years ago

I love cheese!(: