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BOOKBINDER - Interview With Denis Gouey, Bookbinder

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Denis Gouey fell in love with books at an early age. “When I was a kid, my mother took me to the market every Saturday where there was a seller with used books displayed on a table. I became fascinated with books and all the paraphernalia around them: the people, the stories, the knowledge, and the beauty.”

In high school, Gouey applied for a printing program at a trade school, but the career advisor thought he'd be better at bookbinding because of his artistic talent. It was good advice. “Emphasis was bench work, but also history and art. I did well. The class was small and the teacher terrific, and at seventeen-and-a half years old I graduated and soon found my first job.”

Gouey finds bookbinding to be a rewarding and fulfilling career. “Being instrumental in the creation or preservation of historical objects brings on a sense of great satisfaction. The interaction with objects and clients is a rewarding experience. It makes for a very interesting life.”

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11 months ago

I am a professional maker of reproduction picture frames. For the last 15 years I have been employed on contract to the National Gallery of Victoria and the National Gallery Canberra. I am currently preparing a paper on bronze-powder gilding for an upcoming international symposium in Melbourne on picture framing. Due to the lack of useful information on this topic I developed my own techniques many years ago and these have proved to be very successful. However, before publishing anything of my own technique I am keen to compare it with the techniques used when bronze-powder gilding was in it heyday. Consequently, I am keen to acquire your re-published book by Isaac H Walker as it promises to include the information I am seeking.