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EDITORIAL - Job Title: Projectionist (editing Department)

day hour set dailies

Job Overview

Projectionists are responsible for obtaining the previous day's sound and film footage, syncing them together, showing them during dailies, and maintaining the projection equipment. On location, they move the equipment, set it up, and break it down each day.


* “A lot of editors are what I call ‘closed door editors,’ meaning they never want anybody walking in. But on Hannibal, every day Pietro [Scalia] would bring us in and show us what he was doing and ask us what we thought. We were bouncing around ideas. He'd tell me what I needed to know. He was a very open guy and a very good teacher.”Rex Teese

“It takes about an hour and a half to set up and about an hour to break down,” explains Rex Teese. “I'm usually set up an hour before dailies, just in case anything happens.” Because all the footage cannot be viewed at lunchtime, a second round of dailies may be shown at the end of the day. “Plus, you've got second unit going and they may have a different schedule than the first unit. It's a good job. I get to sit there with the producer, the director, and the editor, and listen to them talk back and forth about how the movie will be cut together.”

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