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DIRECTORS AND ASSISTANT DIRECTORS - Job Title: Director, Job Title: First Assistant Director, 1st Ad, Or Assistant Director

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The making of a film, like the construction of an automobile, is a collaborative effort. The writer designs the vehicle, the producer gets it built, and the director drives it. It is he who chooses the route, steers the actors and technicians to the destination, and determines what type of journey the audience will experience.

Precisely what a director does varies according to his personal style, and whether the project is for feature film, television, commercial, or music video. In any case, it is the director's vision that the audience sees onscreen. He may be assisted in this effort by the following:

  • • First Assistant Director: handle logistical and technical aspects so that the director can concentrate on the creative aspects.
  • • Second Assistant Director: assist the 1st AD.
  • • Second Second Assistant Director: assist the 2nd AD.
  • • Second Unit Director: direct the filming of stunts and/or secondary locations.


Job Overview

In general terms, the second second AD serves as an assistant to the second AD. Often they are responsible for setting the background. Other times they may run the first team, meaning that they communicate daily schedule adjustments and other information to the cast.

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