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Computers, IT & Telecommunications

Computers, information technology, and telecommunications have revolutionized the way we live and work. Jobs in the computer and telecom industry provide opportunities to work with the latest technology, and a great career choice for individuals with a technical aptitude.

Computer operators, system administrators, help desk representatives and information technology specialists often focus on helping businesses or end users use technology more efficiently. Computer operators are responsible for running jobs and maintaining systems that are critical to business operations. Sys admins and IT specialists make sure that systems are available, optimized, and working properly, and help desk workers assist end users in configuration and operation of computer software and hardware.

Telecommunications experts and network engineers are responsible for the networks that businesses and consumers rely on. Workers in these fields often specialize in information security.

Programmers, developers, and testers create software, websites, and other applications. These can range from business productivity software to video games.

One exciting aspect of the information technology industry is that many positions in this field incorporate skills from different areas of computer science. For example, computer operators may need to know some programming; software developers may need to be familiar with network protocols; and system administrators must be well-versed in computer security.

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